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Japanese cars have long been favorites of American drivers with Honda and Toyota as top contenders. We have the latest technology and equipment to repair the transmissions in the all model vehicles, domestic and foreign.


We are an ASE certified shop specializing in automatic and manual transmissions. We service all domestic manufacturers including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GM, and Chrysler.

Quality Work at Reasonable Prices!

If your transmission is beginning to slip, clunk, bang, or grind, or if you no longer have a first gear, can’t get your car into park, it doesn’t engage, or your vehicle doesn’t shift properly, you need the low-volume, high-quality services of Denver Transmission.

We specialize in transmissions and drivetrains – it is our ONLY business so we maintain the expertise to get the job done right — the first time and every time. We service every make and model of vehicle and will provide a FREE estimate. Our automotive specialists will work to get your vehicle back up and running with your complete satisfaction being our first priority.

At Denver Transmission, we work hard to not only provide you with excellent service, but also to make sure every transmission specialist is properly trained. Our specialists are handpicked and focused to give the best service possible to the Denver Metro area.


  • free computer scan
  • computer diagnostics
  • automatic transmission
  • trans axle repair
  • manual/standard transmission
  • clutches
  • cv axles
  • drive shafts
  • transfer cases
  • four wheel drive systems
  • all wheel drive systems
  • front differentials
  • rear differentials
  • transmission service with filter
  • power transmission flush
  • transmission upgrades

About our company

When you call us you will never talk to a salesman – you always talk to a mechanic.

The way we keep your costs down is by rebuilding your transmission. We inspect the transmission for reason of falure, all other parts, and what kind of updates are there to make the transmission better.

This is where we have an advantage over a Dealer transmission, they can only make it as good as it was, We can make it better. This is how we can offer a TWO-YEAR Unlimited mile warranty on our transmissions.

To all my loyal customers, unfortunately all we do is Transmissions, Clutchs, CV axles, Transfer cases, and Differentials. However we do repair transmissions for some very good General Repair shops around town. If you have another problem feel free to call and we can refer you a shop that will take care of you.

We have ASE certified technicians that specialize in transmissions, we also are very active in continuing education, ATRA and ATSG seminars along with classes from companies like Valve Body Express help keep use on top of the latest technologies. Along with the know how, we also invest in the diagnostic equipment to fix your vehicle correctly.

Today’s transmissions have very sophisticated computer systems that learn as you drive them to adjust for wear and driving characteristics. Once you rebuild or repair a transmission you need the equipment to reset the computer; we have that equipment.