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Servicing Your Car Can Save Money and the Environment

You don’t have to drive a hybrid to drive green and reduce your carbon footprint. Here are six simple service tips on saving money and the environment that will also help you get the most from your current car or truck.

Use the right oil and gas: A car with a manual transmission has a clutch pedal and gear shift. A car with an automatic transmission has neither; the shifting is done automatically. Both types of transmission do the same thing but in different ways. They let the engine operate in its narrow speed range while providing a wide range of output speeds.

2. Check your tire pressure: Maintaining the correct tire pressure is another easy way to lower your fuel costs by up to 30%. The Department of Energy estimates that underinflated tires waste 1.2 billion gallons of gasoline every year.

3. Stay tuned: A properly tuned engine can drop your gas bill by 25-30%. Regular and timely engine maintenance can more than pay for itself in the long run by reducing your vehicle’s operating cost.

4. Keep up with regular maintenance: Follow the service schedule recommended in your owner’s manual: This includes lubes and oil changes (most people change oil too frequently), replacing filters and sensors (a faulty oxygen sensor can drop fuel efficiency by 40%) and making sure your car’s anti-pollution system is working properly.

5. Have major services and repairs done by a certified mechanic: Whether it’s routine maintenance or a major overhaul, you need a trained and trusted professional to keep your vehicle in good shape. The pros at Denver Transmission.

6. Come to Denver Transmission for all your transmission maintenance, service and repair needs. We are a family-owned business committed to providing the highest level of service, giving the proper attention to each customer and doing the job right the first time.